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EKO ELDA is the largest oil refiner and petroleum products company in the Balkans, with several refineries in Greece and a vast number of commercial outlets.

EKO faced the problem of truck loading in its 11 refineries. An oil truck would show up in order to load petroleum products according to a bill of lading. The bill of lading, as well as any other pertinent information, is stored in the EKO central SAP system. The loading instructions however are transmitted to pumps at the loading stations through controllers that are connected and receive loading instructions from a Meterwin control system provided by Contrec Corp. As a result, the loading dock operator had to enter the information from the SAP screen located in his office to the Meterwin screen, and after the loading operation was completed, inform the SAP system by copying information from the Metwerwin system screen to the SAP screen. This was both time consuming and error prone.

DataBlue utilized Websphere MQ Series technology to create an integrated system among all of its components. This was achieved by connecting the SAP system to the Metwerwin system through the MQ Series infrastructure. Through the guaranteed transport method of MQ Series, truck loading orders are send from SAP to each loading station and are automatically entered into the Meterwin system without operator interference. And when the operation is completed, information is extracted from the Meterwin database and is transmitted and stored automatically into the central SAP database.

The solution has thus increased not only the speed at which trucks are loaded at the loading docks, but also the accuracy of the transmitted information as well.