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The CCHBC Coca-Cola company requested a system that would automate order entry from its 150 wholesalers in Greece and the invoicing process from the mother company, thus reducing costs from manual order entry and the errors that resulted from this process.

The system would automatically detect new orders in the wholesalers ERP systems, extract and transmit them to the main Coca-Cola Data Center which comprised of an IBM AS/400, and finally import them into the Coca-Cola ERP system. Reversely, invoices for past orders would be downloaded from the central Coca-Cola system and delivered into the wholesalers systems. The wholesalers are running a variety of ERP and logistics systems, on Intel/Microsoft platforms ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 2000. Thus, a flexible application mapping their ERP data structures to a neutral data structure to be transmitted to the central Coca-Cola system had to be developed.

Information exchange was achieved through the use of IBM WebSphere MQ Series which guaranteed message transmission to and from the central system. IBM WebSphere Integrator Broker was responsible for the proper message routing and system automation on the server side. Microsoft Visual Basic V6 was used for the client interface to the wholesaler ERP applications and data extraction, and a CISCO router was used for the automation of the wholesalers network connection via telephone lines.

Integrating and automating such a great number of heterogeneous applications dispersed over the entire country was a challenge for DataBlue and both customer and its partners. The success of the project was a proof of both versatility of the selected technologies and the DataBlue capability to undertake and complete projects of great complexity.