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The Athens Olympic Games set new standards in the field of IT technology, serving information on-line to millions of people around the globe. 72 million people, a new Olympic record, visited the site www.athens2004.gr in the month of August 2004, with a peak day, 5.2 million people to view results, stories about the games and the athletes and information about the venues and about the city of Athens.

The site was built and hosted by OTEnet, a subsidiary of the Greek Telecom Organization on IBM Websphere and DB2 UDB technology infrastructure, on a cluster of 6 application servers with a total of 24 processors and a Data Base Server on a cluster of 2 systems and a total of 16 processors in a high availability configuration.

DataBlue Engineers participated in the system design and were responsible for the cluster set ups, the Software installation, the Application Server and Data Base software tuning for maximum performance and the trouble shooting of the system whenever a performance problem of a system bug would happen. Being on stand by on a 24 hour basis, they intervened as problems might occur, resolving them while the system was in full operation, and without hindering its non-stop performance.

In addition, DataBlue Engineers helped establish the overall disaster recovery strategy, by designing a disaster recovery plan for the IBM technologies and implemented it by setting up the IBM Technologies in the disaster recovery center. As part of that plan, they designed and build the replication procedures which allowed the data to be instantly recorded into two sites without a performance degradation to the main system, thus guaranteeing the availability of the data in the event of a main system crash or of a total destruction of the main Data Center of the Olympic Games.