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Description: Application developers build skills and knowledge to code robust portlet applications. Experienced application developers develop the skills and knowledge to code robust Java Specification Request (JSR)168 based portlet applications using the portal tooling of IBM Rational Application Developer
Audience: Developers who wish to implement portal solutions using Java Specification Request (JSR)168 and IBM Rational Application Developer

Knowledge of Java Web Programming (JSPs, Servlets)

Material covered:
  • Use the development and test environment provided in Rational Application Developer to develop, test, and debug portlets and portlet applications
  • Write portlets using the JSR 168 Portlet API
  • Use the portlet tag library to build JSPs for supporting multiple devices and global reach
  • Apply Model-View-Controller (MVC)-based frameworks, specifically JavaServer Faces and Struts Portlet Framework, in the development of portlet applications
  • Use other programmatic interfaces provided by WebSphere Portal, such as Portlet Services, Property Broker Service, and the Credential Vault Service
Duration: The duration of this seminar is 5 Days from 9:30 to 14:30