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Description: The seminar teaches the use of the capabilities of programming language SQL PL in DB2 UDB
Audience: The seminar is intended for analysts / programmers and database administrators who have previous experience in any RDBMS and SQL language and want to develop Stored Procedures / Triggers in DB2 using the programming language SQL PL
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the basic user environment of Windows XP/2003, basic knowledge of RDBMS, basic knowledge of SQL language for DB2
Material covered:
  • The Graphical User Interface of DB2 UDB Development Center
  • Flow-Control SQL Procedure Language (SQL PL) eg DECLARE, SET, CASE, LOOP, FOR, WHILE, IF
  • Error handling
  • SQL PL Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
Duration: The duration of this seminar is 2 Days from 9:30 to 14:30