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About Us

DataBlue is a Distributor and Technology Support Center of IBM® software products (Value Add Distributor) with the mission of promoting leading IBM technologies in the Greek Market in the fields of Automation, Data & AI, Security and Sustainability. The promotion of the Enterprise portfolio of products, services and solutions is implemented through the cooperation of an extensive network of selected IT companies of the Greek market, the IBM® Business Partners.

Along with the promotion of products, special emphasis is given to the provision of high level Technological Services. With a history of more than 28 years, the DataBlue Technology Services Department is staffed with University Graduate and Postgraduate Engineers, with many years of experience not only in IBM® but also in a wide range of related cutting-edge technologies. In its 28 years of operation, DataBlue has played an important role in the successful dissemination of Software and state of the art solutions to the largest companies and organizations in Greece and Cyprus and has participated as a partner of IBM® in a large number of complex projects, earning very high achievement scores.

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