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IBM WebSphere/MQ

Installation, upgrade, fixes, configuration and optimization of architecture, security hardening, problem solving, health checks.

WebSphere / MQ environments are IBM technologies in which we have developed extensive skills for at least 18 years and performed several major projects in Greece and Cyprus.

DataBlue undertakes installations, major version upgrades, updates (fixes) of IBM WebSphere / Liberty Application Servers as well as IBM MQ in the appropriate topologies and in the plethora of operating systems supported by the supplier.

In cases where there are existing facilities, DataBlue configures and optimizes the performance in order to more economically and efficiently serve your applications. We also undertake the complete security hardening of the infrastructure (security hardening) as well as the treatment of problems where they arise.


It is easy to increase the availability of your applications, resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime in your entire middleware environment.

Why is preventive maintenance important?

Maintaining the infrastructure servers before they run into problems is more efficient and economical than the solution required after problems arise. It helps, among other things, to:

  • Avoid down-time and improve the productivity of your applications.

  • Extend the life of your software assets and defer new hardware upgrades.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of repairs (eg backup restorations, etc.).


These benefits lead an organization to take advantage of preventive maintenance technologies and practices. Our company undertakes regular visits (or remote presence) in your infrastructure for the execution of all the necessary checks (health checks)

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