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DataBlue is a Software Distributor and Technology Center for IBM software products (Value Add Distributor) and the Cisco AppDynamics reseller in Greece. Its mission is to promote in the Greek market cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Application Performance Monitoring, Automation, Data & AI, Security and Sustainability.

In addition, DataBlue provides Professional services in several of the above state of the art  technology areas.


The benefits of our collaboration with global technology leaders are reflected in the reliable solutions of our partners. DataBlue is able to provide high quality solutions by combining know-how with properly selected technologies.


The largest information technology business in the world with hardware, software, cloud based services and cognitive computing. By choosing IBM, partners gain a reliable, innovative and open-minded ally with more than 100 years of experience in system support.


Under the umbrella of Cisco, AppDynamics is a recognized leader in the field with an unrivaled vision for the future of application performance management and AIOps (next generation IT operations analytics). AppDynamics is at the top of the Gartner MQ for 7 consecutive years and at the top of APM solutions for more than 10 years.

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Stress Testing


Early detection of performance issues that significantly reduces application support costs and increases reliability for end users.

IBM WebSphere/MQ


Installation, upgrade, fixes, configuration and optimization of architecture, security hardening, problem solving, health checks.

Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka is one of the top distributed streaming & queuing technologies for large-scale applications.

Sales Performance (Varicent)


Design and implementation of complex compensation scenarios, integration with CRM / Billing systems, automation configuration, workflows, schedulers and reports.



Trainings and practical workshops in Datablue or at customer's premises on WebSphere / MQ, Java, .NET, ICM, Containerization technologies as well as custom software integrations.

J2EE/.NET development


Design and implementation of integration solutions in web and mobile technologies (Java, .NET) and variety of frameworks or empowering existing projects with human resources.




Installation of monitoring software, configuration and analysis of application performance in combination with stress test services for new applications and systems.

WebSphere/MQ health monitoring


Remote or on-premise health check, performance optimization, security hardening, tactical visits to facilities and monitoring services.

Electronic prescriptions

Are you prescribing medication? Forget complicated processes. Easymed is a pioneering application and a necessary daily aid for those of you who use e-prescription and e-DAPY.


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