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WebSphere/MQ health monitoring

Remote or on-premise health check, performance optimization, tactical visits to facilities and alerts.

Our IT services are performing preventive work that is designed to provide you with a stable and reliable environment for managing your WebSphere / MQ infrastructure.

Charges are tailored to your needs with either ad-hoc monthly fees or a payment model on consumption of pre-purchased hours / days packages.

Whether you are a public sector organization, a large or a small / medium enterprise, you need help with configuring and managing your WebSphere / MQ infrastructure. The need to secure the operation of your infrastructure is critical and we can help.


Our company undertakes the following WAS / MQ support services:


Provision of Consulting Services in IBM WAS / MQ environments

Support systems on identified technical problems of WAS / MQ with reproducible Error Codes as well as general troubleshooting (performance / security).

Information / training of executives in WAS / MQ technologies

Telephone access for technical questions

Submission of PMRs to IBM and its communication and resolution process with IBM

Healthcheck control, performance optimization with monthly visits to the facilities

Upgrade WAS / MQ systems with Fixes

Application Migrations

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