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DataBlue Software Value Plus Eco System 

IBM® Software Value Plus is the road to success in leveraging every company's investment in IBM® software. Since January 2010, IBM® has created the conditions for greater added value in its software, bringing its customers closer to proven experienced partners. Based on this new IBM® model, Software Value Plus (SVP), all IBM software is classified into two distinct categories:

  • First category includes Open Product Software Products, Open products, which are available to all IBM® partners.

  • Second category, which is the most numerous, includes the Software Products of the Authorized Distribution, Authorized products, which are only available from IBM® authorized partners.



In order to be authorized in SVP, partners must make an investment in acquiring skills so that they are able to ensure the maximum added value for their customers.

All our SVP-authorized partners work exclusively with our company and are supported by our company's Professional Services team for the optimal use of IBM® software. This way, DataBlue has created the SVP Eco System, a "family" of IT companies. These companies are able to offer to the market the entire range of IBM® Authorized Products in tandem with high-level services, either on their own or in partnership to each other.

These are the current members of the DataBlue SVP Eco System, as well as the product areas where they have been authorized by the IBM® SVP program.

Business Partners

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Neurosoft logo

Neurosoft is a fully integrated ICT company with Software Development, System Integration and Information Security capabilities. With its highly skilled and qualified employees, Neurosoft continuously develops and adapts a wide range of novelty products and services, all the while being committed to client impact, investment in R&D and the adoption of advanced methodologies. Founded in 1994, Neurosoft began as an in-house software development company with the vision of providing quality solutions and services to its clients both in Greece and abroad. Neurosoft is now offering its products and services in SEE and MENA. The staff headcount currently exceeds 200 highly skilled employees with in-depth field experience.


Grivas logo

Grivas SA is one of Greece’s longer established IT firms operating in the Greek market since 1982. We provide Integrated Solutions in Information Technology, including Intelligence Software, Powerful Analytics, Telecoms and Networks, Enhanced Security and Hardware Infrastructure. ​The company's long presence in the market played an important role in developing their competitive advantage and enabled the company to grow larger and step in all areas of IT applications. Grivas has secured a varied portfolio of product distributorships and large network of Greek partners supporting our clients throughout the country. Grivas is committed to providing exceptional Customer Service. The company's is to constantly achieve technological and commercial excellence. The company never compromises on quality and manages to stay current by monitoring the latest technological advancements and by investing heavily on human resources. 


IST logo

IST constitutes one of the most respected and credible Independent Software Vendors in the Greek market, being in the forefront of the Greek software industry since 1991. International Software Techniques S.A. (doing business as IST) is a private company of Greek interests, established in 1991. IST currently functions both as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for third-party software products and services, constituting what has been lately coined a "boutique software development company". IST dedicates itself to delivering sophisticated services and solutions for specific, high growth and demanding industries, such as telecommunications, banking & finance and pharma.


Dienekis logo

Dienekis Information Systems S.A. is an enterprise computing company, which was founded in 1988. "Dienekis" promotes integrated solutions mainly in Financial Institutions where it was implemented significant IT projects. The range of "Dienekis" line activities extends to the provision of Enterprise Content Management solutions, Networking products, System Management for HP NonStop servers and voice applications. "Dienekis" continues to leverage its years of experience and knowledge of the banking sector as well as customers and market input to advance its loan origination system. 


Netbull logo

Netbull IT Services Ltd, founded in 2013 from executives of Bull Greece with experience in large it projects of the public and private sectors, as a leading System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the field of information technology, telecommunications and security. 
Company’s activites include Study, Design, Supply, Installation, Support and Maintenance of Integrated Information Systems Solutions, ensuring that its procedures include all the necessary controls, on confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, for protection of data and involved resources. With proven experience and service excellence, Netbull offers services covering all phases of information security lifecycle.


Intrasoft logo

INTRASOFT International is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations. INTRASOFT International was established in 1996 and its Head Office is in Luxembourg (2b rue Nicolas Bové, L-1253 Luxembourg). The company is a member of INTRACOM Holdings, one of the largest multinational technology groups in SE Europe. The company employs more than 2,200 highly-skilled professionals, representing over 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 18 languages. 


IKnowHow logo

IKnowHow is one of the largest technology companies in Greece, offering a comprehensive range of IT, Robotics and Research & Technological Development solutions. Among other areas, it has its own radiation management platform (Evorad PACS), holding the largest market share in the country. IKH provides custom-built automation solutions to industry and software solutions to the public and private sector. They can acquire customer's data - even in harsh environments - communicate, store and process it to produce insights and present them in a responsive and intuitive manner.


GCC logo

GCC Hellas started operating in Greece in March 2013. As a distributor and technology consultant, it has created a strong network of System Integrators and ICT resellers throughout Greece and Cyprus. Expertise in network and security technologies, combined with experience in project management, allow the company to provide comprehensive business solutions for every business size. In collaboration with reputable companies in the field such as Fortinet Inc., TrendMicro, SentinelOne, Guardicore, BackBox and others, GCC has the ability to provide its partners with the protection of their most valuable asset, which is their data.

Singular Logic

Singular Logic logo

SingularLogic is the leading Greek Enterprise Software Solutions provider and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Groups in Greece.  Its activities comprise of the development and distribution of Enterprise Software applications, outsourcing services, design, implementation and support of Integrated IT Solutions of Global leading Vendors for large enterprises of the private and public sector. SingularLogic, member of Marfin Investment Group, has highly skilled personnel with specialized know-how.  It has a broad product and solutions portfolio, a dynamic national distribution network and a large installed base, while it has implemented big scale IT projects in the private and public sector, nationally and internationally. SingularLogic Group has subsidiaries in Cyprus and Romania. 

European Dynamics

European Dynamics logo

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a leading Information Technologies service provider and software developer in the field of e-government, operating internationally as a group of companies, with offices and antennas in Athens, Berlin, Basel, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Nicosia, Stockholm, etc. The group designs, develops, supports and operates complex IT systems and commercialises a wide range of software products in the field of e-government, using state-of-the-art technologies. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS employs over 700 engineers, IT experts and consultants (around 3% PhD, 36% MSc and 53% BSc or equivalent). 


Algosystems logo

Algosystems is a leading solution provider with an ability to combine if needed all its technological know-how and experience in telecom, systems, software development and electro-mechanical engineering to deliver competitive custom-made solutions. For the past 30 years, the company is well known in the market for its excellent ability to solve complex technical challenges, for its flexibility and responsiveness. That is why more than 90% of Algosystems customers steadily trust the company over the years. With a numerous and knowledgeable Technical Support Team and dedicated Project Management Team, as well as with an extensive network of partners, Algosystems supports you efficiently and with integrity, being your steady choice of excellence and helping your business “Move Forward”.


Natech logo

Natech has a 30 years robust presence in the financial and business sector and offers customer centric products to a global range of customers such as banks, financial institutions, microfinance institutions and large organizations helping them meet their business objectives and achieve high performance. Natech is one of 30 Banking Vendors globally, Forrester 2019. The company’s policy for developing and deploying IT products adheres to strict quality international standards. Quality follows the industry’s best practices. Natech is a Microsoft Partner, specializing in Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Silver Application Development.


Qualco logo

QUALCO is an expert provider of debt portfolio management systems and technology-enabled services, covering all aspects of the debt collections and recoveries lifecycle. For over 20 years, the company has been servicing the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of leading financial institutions and other organisations with receivable assets. To do this, Qualco uses a full spectrum of offerings, from technology and analytics services to portfolio management consulting and end-to-end debt servicing. With the company's development centre in Greece, a strong business development and operations centre in the United Kingdom and offices in France, Cyprus and Brazil, Qualco supports over 70 clients in more than 30 countries to accurately value their debt portfolios, streamline their collections operations and improve performance.


AdapIT logo

ADAPTIT was founded in 2005 by Athanasios Tzaferis and it has since then offered premium quality services to telecommunication providers and successful solutions for enterprises, thus establishing its position in the forefront of technological innovations. Today, the company has presence in most European countries, having undertaken major projects in Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus. ADAPTIT keeps setting higher goals for the future while remaining strongly committed to its corporate values: expertise trust, innovation, integrity. Its ambitions include the constant upgrading of the solutions and services provided to its clients and the active participation in the developments within this new, constantly changing environment some call the 7th Kingdom – the kingdom of useful, sustainable technology.


NousPratIT logo

NousPratIT is a new, dynamic, Greek company that provides Development & Implementation solutions in the field of information technology. It was founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of informatics in the fields of Sales, Services, Software Development, Project Management and Corporate Development. The name NousPratIT comes from the words Nous, Pratto and is supplemented by the acronym IT (Information Technology). This means that the company "Pratei IT" with the Mind. That is, with consciousness, perception, thought, judgment, and memory that are the mental faculties of the mind. It uses the power of reasoning and thinking, the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation. It acts with the mind that is responsible for the processing of thoughts and feelings, resulting in our behaviors and actions.


Aims logo

AIMS Int'l Ltd. has been engaged since 1983 exclusively in the Development and Support of the AIMS airline software solutions package, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and with sales, training, development and support centers in Miami (USA), and Athens (Greece) exclusively authorized and offering their services under the strict quality inspection of AIMS International Ltd. With a team of more than 100 professionals and a track record of more than 150 successful AIMS installations around the world since 1983, AIMS is one of the world’s leading Airline Software Suppliers dedicated solely to the development and support of its state of the art Crew Management, Commercial Planning and Operations Control Systems. Certification from ISO (ISO 9001: 2000) quality standards validates that AIMS has the capability to provide its customers with the best possible quality product and support. In addition to the ISO certification, AIMS has also received Sarbanes - Oxley (SOX) Compliance. AIMS is approved by more than 40 National Civil Aviation Authorities all over the world, such as EU OPS, EASA, UK CAP 371, FAA including the latest FAR 117 and many more.


Cosmos Business Systems logo

CBS  was established in 1988, and operated successfully in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications products and services. The Company changed form and direction to targeting integration services during the summer of 2000, when new investors acquired 100% of its shares. At the same period CBS capital was raised to 3,3M € while in 2007 to 4,3M €, in order to cover the expansion of the company’s activities. The company’s objective is to offer integrated Turn-Key Solutions in IT Infrastructure, Telecommunications Services, Software and Consulting to the Greek Industrial and Commercial Markets and to Business Professionals - focusing mainly on the middle and large corporations of he Private Sector, Public Sector, Banking and Telecoms.


Performance Logo

Performance is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to redefine and rediscover themselves through digital services. They provide products, services and solutions that transform traditional businesses into digital leaders. They help businesses grow through the most efficient use of technology. Since 1997, Performance Technologies has helped customers of all sizes in a range of industries understand and implement technology solutions that improve processes and help businesses grow. The Performance team has the technical and business experience to help the partner realize the maximum value from their IT investments.


ICAP logo

ICAP, group of companies, is the biggest B2B Services Group, with leading presence in Southeastern Europe, via 16 overall companies, in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus. ICAP’s overall workforce exceeds 1.000 employees, all of whom possess the specialized knowledge, experience and capabilities in order to offer high quality services. ICAP also employs more than 2.500 employees, working at our clients’ premises, through the Employment Solutions Business Line. Today, ICAP offers a wide range of products and services, grouped into 2 major categories, addressing the major Divisions of every Company: “Credit Risk & Business Information Solutions” and “Human Capital & Outsourcing Solutions”. ICAP S.A., is the only company in Greece that has been recognized as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) by the Bank of Greece, as well as, certified as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA), by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

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