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Easymed is a pioneering application and a necessary tool for you who use the Electronic Prescription (e-syntagografisi) and Electronic DAPY (e-DAPY).

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The modernization of the infrastructure and the computerization of medical prescriptions in the last years requires you to devote valuable time every day to the use of the above applications. The repetition of the actions you make through the electronic systems as well as the lack of interconnection between them have led to the design of an application that functions as a "bridge" and automates these repetitive tasks. Specifically, it provides you with automated processes:

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  • Repetition of an older prescription (patient data, diagnosis, treatment, protocol step).

  • Repeat step for treatment protocols.

  • Automatic correlation of treatments-ICD10

  • Easy reuse of diagnoses / treatments / tests using list of recent and frequently used values.

  • Total management of a patient summary with concentrated visits / treatments / referrals / examinations so that you have a complete picture of the medical record at a glance.

  • Printing an EOPYY Patient Form and registering a visit to the e-DAPY.

  • Search for a patient by typing a part of the AMKA, name (Greek or Latin) or the phone number

  • Full synchronization with your previous prescriptions by extracting data from e-syntagografisi

  • Print receipt of visit

  • Easy export of prescription statistics by time period

  • Ability to work in more than 2 prescriptions/ referrals at the same time

  • many other capabilities that are constantly being enriched

The main feature of easymed is the ease of learning which is achieved in the very first minutes of use! There is virtually no learning curve so you do not need to spend time on training.

Ease of use

Forget complicated processes.

We minimized unnecessary buttons, lists and endless software settings. Easymed is designed so that the user is trained alone and directly by use. We worked with many doctors, listened to and recorded the procedures that they followed and designed shortcuts. Using the intermediate database, the doctor can work with a patient-centric workflow. So, starting from the search for a patient or the registration in the e-DAPY, the doctor can work from the very first hour of the installation. The transition to automation is natural and fast.

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