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IBM | Think Summit 2021 Greece - Cyprus

Date: Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21th October, 2021

On October 20th and 21th, IBM will host its annual virtual event, Think Summit Greece and Cyprus, split in two hours per day.

In this event will be covered how technologies like hybrid cloud and AI drive digital transformation, modernize and make your company predictive and resilient.

You could be inspired by Technology and Science, where you will find the best references from companies like Ikea, Honda and Turkcell. You will also learn about the vision of innovative speakers as Alejandro Blaas, CEO and CTO of Proyecto Tierra, Guillermo Renancio, Director of Technology, Expansion and Strategic Allies of Grupo Pescanova and Darío Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research.

The event platform will include additional sections with technical content, demos or the possibility to do networking with other attendees. You could find more information about the event on website:

For free registration click here:

Download the entire pdf "Think Summit 2021 Greece":

Invite Think 2021 Greece
Download PDF • 633KB


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