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Easymed caller id mobile app

Easymed caller id is a mobile application that connects to easymed and displays patient information during incoming calls

This is a mobile application (Andoid app) which works as an accompanying application of Easymed.

Its purpose is to display important patient information during an incoming call. The displayed information is available both before the answer of the call, and during and after its end.

It also keeps a history of calls and information for both answered and missed calls.

The main feature of easymed is its ease of learning which is done in the very first minutes of use! There is practically no learning curve so you do not need to spend time to "train".

  • Operation exclusively for Easymed users. Summary data are obtained for physician / user patients

  • Ability to recognize a call without internet, if there is an earlier online connection of the application

  • Screen sharing in the case of many patients with the same phone (eg family members with the same landline)

  • Utilization of the contact elements that come from the Electronic Prescribing but also of the additional communication fields of Easymed

  • Maintain an open summary during the instant access call

  • History of answered and missed calls with the possibility of returning a call

  • Display settings (select items to be displayed during the call)

  • Use Easymed data from online drives such as DropBox, OneDrive and GoogleDrive





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